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The AbsorbaTack™ 5 mm fixation device is a sterile, single use device for fixation of prosthetic material, such as hernia mesh, to soft tissue. The tack is constructed of an absorbable synthetic polyester copolymer derived from lactic and glycolic acid. AbsorbaTack™ is offered in a long version for laparoscopic techniques in both 15 and 30 tack configurations, as well as a short version for open hernia repair in a 20 tack configuration.

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Endo GIA™ Reinforced Reload with Tri-Staple™ Technology

The Endo GIA™ reinforced reload with Tri-Staple™ technology is the only stapler with preloaded buttress material that provides improved ease of use and reduced waste in the OR. Compatible with both our manual and powered handles, this integrated reinforcement offering combines the benefits of Tri-Staple™ technology with improved staple line security.

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Barbed Sutures

The V-Loc™ wound closure device is a revolutionary technology that eliminates the need to tie knots, so you can close incisions up to 50% faster without compromising strength and security.

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GIA™ 60, 80 and 100 reloadable staplers place two double staggered rows of titanium staples and simultaneously cut and divide tissue between the two double rows. The staplers and reloads are available in 60 mm, 80 mm and 100 mm lengths. GIA™ reloadable staplers are available in three staple sizes (2.5 mm, 3.8 mm and 4.8 mm) to accommodate various tissue thicknesses, and may be reloaded up to 7 times for a total of 8 firings per instrument..

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Parietene™ DS Composite Mesh

Parietene™ DS composite mesh is part of our commitment to offering solutions that can help you advance patient care. It’s made from a transparent macroporous polypropylene that’s easy to work with because it’s not too soft or too rigid.Plus, on one side, we’ve given it an absorbable synthetic film to help minimize unwanted tissue attachment.The result is a balanced mesh that’s been designed with you — and your patients — in mind..

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Parietex™ Optimized Composite (PCOx) mesh offers a resorbable collagen barrier on one side to limit visceral attachments and a three-dimensional polyester knit structure on the other to promote differentiated tissue ingrowth and ease of use. Based on the proven performance of original PCO, PCOx is the next generation of Parietex™ Composite mesh. It is engineered to better address surgeon and patient needs in laparoscopic ventral hernia repair. The new design incorporates a more resistant barrier and a proprietary textile design with better visibility and increased strength.

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The ProTack™ 5 mm fixation device is a sterile, single use device for fixation of prosthetic material, such as hernia mesh, to soft tissue. The tack is helical and made of titanium. The ProTack™ device comes in a 30 tack configuration.

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Appose™ single use skin staplers dispense one staple each time the instrument trigger is activated. The staples first penetrate the skin and are then formed, holding the tissue together.

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